Index consulting for international awareness and measurable outcomes

Check out our index and database application, content monitoring, and bibliographic reporting services for your journal’s citation index.

What is an index?

An index is a collection of items organized for a certain purpose. There are several indexes and databases that differ based on their breadth (national or worldwide), scientific field (generic or specialist), subject, or publishing type. Indexes and databases play a crucial role in the visibility and quantifiability of academic articles.

Why is it important?

Abstracting and indexing academic papers in indexes or databases offers;

Key benefits include increased exposure, credibility, recognition, discoverability by the target audience, effect on the discipline, academic career advancement, and globalization.

How We Do It


We help you meet the standards for inclusion by examining prospective indexes and databases that are appropriate for the publication. After meeting these prerequisites, we handle the index and database application operations on your behalf.

Monitoring and Updates

We ensure that the material of your journal is current, correct, and fully covered in indexes and databases.

Bibliographic Reporting

We periodically update the status of your journal in the bibliographic indexes (Web of Science and Scopus). We provide metric reports for your journal and articles, including citation rates by year, publications that cite your journal, and nations; h-index values; category ranks; and impact factor.