How to choose a right journal

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It is crucial to choose a suitable journal and publication format.

A wide variety of publishers and disciplines offer more than 40,000 journals for perusal.

Open access journals are listed in excess of 16,500 in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Over 9,200 prospective journals are provided by Science Citation Index Expanded. How do I begin?

Selecting a right journal

When selecting a journal, there are two primary considerations: whether or not your manuscript fits within the journal’s scope, and the journal’s own reputation.

  • Determine where you will submit based on your highest priorities.

  • Consider the journals that you read.

  • Review the “Author Guidelines” for each journal as you refine your selection process.

Although rejections are an inevitable aspect of the publishing industry, you don’t want to spend months submitting the same article to journal after journal. You can save time and expedite the dissemination of your work by strategically matching your articles to particular journals, thereby reducing the quantity of submissions necessary for publication.








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